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Daydreaming disorder


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I am very sleepy during the day.I have trouble daydreaming. So what should I do? What advice do you give me?

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Set a regular routine for quality sleep, make your bedroom comfortable, limit computer time before bed, stay active, deal with stress, and think about getting doctor help if you feel sleepy during the day.


If someone daydreams too much and it gets in the way of their daily life and tasks, they may have a daydreaming problem, which is also called dysfunctional fantasizing. These daydreams can be very real and detailed, which can make it hard to concentrate on tasks, make people withdraw socially, and forget to do important things. Even though daydreaming is a normal and common human trait, people with daydreaming disorder find it annoying and upsetting. As part of treatment, therapy may be used to help the person control and cut down on their thinking, as well as any underlying problems that are making them act out.


Daydreaming disease, also called dysfunctional daydreaming, is a mental illness in which someone daydreams too much and too intensely, getting in the way of their daily life and activities. These daydreams can be very real, hard to control, and make it hard to focus, get things done, or deal with other people. Therapy and learning how to control and lessen thinking may be part of the treatment.