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Sleep Disturbances since November


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I'm not certain whether this has anything to do with the orthodontics that have just reduced my palate and narrowed it to the point that I have to struggle in keeping my tongue firmly on the surface of my mouth (I'm also a skeletal student 2) however since November, I've been waking up having difficulty breathing. I feel as if I'm trapped or that I've been taking my breath within the first few minutes after waking in my head, I'm telling myself that I must breathe but I'm not sure what to do ? ? I'm also experiencing dreams that are related to my breathing. It isn't often that I get up feeling refreshed, and often feel tired (but it's also because I have ADHD and ADHD, so perhaps that's the reason?)

Although I'm not overweight, and am young do you think I might have sleep apnea UARS? My grandmother is slim but she suffers from sleep apnea. my uncle, who's overweight, has it too.

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Sleep apnea may affect anybody, including young children. To be sure, it's best to have a sleep study done.