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Can Sleep Help?


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Since 2017, I've been unable to maintain a regular sleep schedule. It's been about 3 years. I cannot fall asleep until I am so tired that I can't keep my eye open. Even if I move alarms from my bed I still can't wake up. I sleepwalk to turn them off. Even if I remember waking, it's like I don't have control over my body or brain. I go back to bed.

Since then, my sleep pattern has essentially rotated. Every day, I would say it can vary anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

I find it difficult to maintain this way of life. I've had therapists say that I should try a different medication or go to bed when I am supposed.

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If you have a severe and solid rest cleanliness and routine as of now I'd keep evaluating the new drug. Drugs are the main thing that lets me rest appropriately


If you have this problem for 3 years, you should consult a doctor once. If you are really bothered by this problem. So it can be due to various reasons like you are taking more stress. So to relieve it, do something that interests you.. go to your favorite place, read a story book.. or talk to your friend so that your mind is free from stress and you can sleep well.

@janyline I went to the doctor and he told me about medicine. I don't want to take medicine.

If you have a sleep problem, you must take medicine as per the doctor's advice. And if you don't want to take medicine then you should treat it naturally.


I would keep trying different medications if you currently have a rigorous and healthy sleep schedule. The only thing that allows me to sleep well is medication.


So which medicine helps us sleep better?