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Valentine's message for new relationship


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I (M17) have been dating my girlfriend (F17) for 9 months now. It's my first time with a girlfriend, and I want to know some helpful tips on how to approach Valentine's Day. When is a good time to ask her to be my Valentine? Should I ask her to be my Valentine on Valentine's Day or should I start earlier so that she's not concerned that I will not ask her? I'd like to take her out on a date, but Valentine's Day is on Wednesday therefore it's a bit odd to go on a date prior to Valentine's Day without asking her to be my Valentine before therefore should I make the request the day before - on Wednesday, and then take her out on the date the following weekend? We're at school, so although we could meet for a romantic date on Wednesday, it will be better to do it during the weekend for both us. Additionally, I'm sure that the restaurants will be crowded on both days, but especially during the day. I'm curious about what other girls prefer. It would be a huge help.

This was my this is my first Valentine's Day with a girlfriend and I'm trying to ensure she's happy. I'm not sure what to do. like to have some help

What is the ideal time to request her to be my Valentine?

Please tell me.

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If you date each other, no one else will go on that date with him. Then you tell her if you will be my Valentine. Would you like to go on a date with me? If she says yes, plan a surprise for her and make her feel very important. From that, she will soon be impressed by you. Your question was what is the best time for tell to take her on a Valentine's date? So you ask Valentine the day before in the evening, in a romantic way. She definitely says yes to coming with you on Valentine's date.


There is no such rule in school, that you cannot refuse leave, so you can take your gf to a bar on Valentine's day. If you want to make her feel special then this day is good for you. So what do you have on your mind this day? So your GF will be happier. Keep it beautiful and have a nice day.


There aren't any guidelines. I think it makes sense to wait until the actual day since the holiday isn't that big. However, you shouldn't be under as much pressure on Valentine's Day. You'll have a wonderful day if you keep it cute.