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How do people who work the night shift sleep?


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When I woke up in the morning, I would go right outside into the sun! I just got a job working the night shift, though, and it's hard for me to change my sleep routine. Do you know anything?

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It can be hard to get used to working the night shift. To help you sleep better, try sticking to a regular sleep plan, making your bedroom dark and quiet, and blocking out light with blackout curtains. Bright light should be your first priority when you're awake, especially at the start of your shift. Limit your coffee usage before bed, and think about doing something relaxing before you go to sleep. Take your time with the process of getting used to it; it may take some time. If you are still having trouble sleeping, you should talk to a doctor or nurse.


The normal sleep-wake cycle of people who work night shifts is thrown off, making it hard for them to sleep during the day. For example, to help them sleep better during the day, they might make their bedroom dark and quiet, use blackout curtains, wear eye masks, or use white noise machines. Some may also take sleep aids that their doctors have recommended to help them sleep better.