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what should I do?


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I am sorry for my poor English and I am sorry if I have made any errors, English isn't my first language.

I've been in contact with this guy since September, and we were intermittently talking, but I don't know what he is. In December, we began talking and within a couple of weeks, I was asked to be his girlfriend and I agreed. But when his friend was in my class, and when I told him "Im now with Luke" The person I call Alex was completely puzzled. He was looking at me for quite a long time and then said something along the direction of "you know that he's an avid player so be aware". My brain was not listening to Alex of course, because I truly thought that Luke was a lover of mine. He loved to play the guitar, and I would frequently receive videos of him performing songs in my honor and that.Everything was great until one day, he started becoming cold. I tried talking to him, but he ignored me. It was getting late, so I sent him a text message "gn" then went back to sleep. When I woke up, I checked my messages, I saw that he texted me "I don't want to do this again bro, goodbye" and then shut me out on every single thing. I was shocked to the point that I could barely cry. I was just standing there looking like the most foolish preson in the world. I loved him, we were scheduled to meet on a Friday, but this isn't going to happen. I was thinking about going out with one of my friends and their boyfriend who is very close to My ex (Luke) to request her boyfriend to contact Luke and request for him to join us because I have to talk with him in person. I am missing him and this is causing me to die slowly. I'm just trying to figure out what went wrong? Was he just playing with me? That's what I'm trying to convey. Therefore, I'm asking you all to I request him to join us and speak to the other person or should I not?

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Maybe he just wants to spend time with you. Or it could be that he has found someone better than you. If all this happened in one night and it has blocked you on all social media, then you have to think that it was a dream that all this happened in one night. You should try to talk to him once. If you love him, then you should move on.


He does not love, so he talks to others. If he is in love, he does not talk to others. Now you have to drop it. If you have love then it will come but if you don't love then it won't come. I don't care what I want.