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I’m in love with a girl but afraid to commit


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Right now, I'm in a "situation ship," and we're sort of falling for one another. However, we both realize that our differences will make it unlikely for our relationship to endure. Should we still give it a shot?

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Think about how you feel and what you're afraid of. Tell the girl what's bothering you in an honest way. It can help to trust each other and take things slowly. Talking to friends or an expert could help you deal with your feelings and make a smart choice.


just because you’re different doesn’t mean you won’t work and since you’re in love with each other why not just commit its not that complicated.


It doesn't imply that you won't work together just because you're not the same, so why not just commit? It's not that hard.


Enjoy your time together if you're in love but not ready to make a promise. Feel what you're feeling and be honest with your partner about your worries. It takes time to accept and understand each other. Do not jump into anything. Focus on your mental health and take small steps to improve it.