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Morning wood


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Hey guys, I was hoping to learn as much info/tips that I can on my situation, as the title suggests, I've struggled with morning wood ever since I experienced intense PE (summer 2022) it took time after that I had recovered my morning wood completely before I decided to do rough PE once more and let me say that my morning erections, as well as spontaneous ones were gone. It's true that I gained an actual size, however at the expense of EQ. Also, my erections are very sticky as they aren't able to push/kegel blood towards the eyes (very odd and uncomfortable) my question is: What be able to have this had if I were to be diagnosed? A thick sticky blood sample ? Fibrosis ? Venous leak? Pelvic floor? What advice would you give me guys? (IK that the urologist is my best option)

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The Bruv I am using Pharma Grade PDE-5 inhibitors, nothing is better than them.


You can use medicine for your wood.