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I realize that PE is a problem


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I am 25 years old. I am happy with my wife. There is no problem in our life. He had no problem while having sex. Now we don't even have sex. My wood doesn't grow tall. How often does this happen to me? I can't have sex. I also disappoint my wife. What should I do now so I can have sex?

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According to me, if you are happy with your wife in every way and she doesn't have any problem in having sex, but you can't have sex, then you should consult a good doctor and he will explain to you like medicine or even everything. Should be followed accordingly.


You will spend time with your wife. Before having sex, ask your wife if she wants to have sex, and ask why your wife doesn't want to have sex. The second is that you really want to have sex, but because of that, your wood does not grow high.


It is very important to be honest with your partner and see a doctor if you think that Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a problem. There are methods and treatments that can help with PE and make both parties happier in the bedroom.