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Erectile dysfunction due to size issue?


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Do you ever feel nervous in sex due to porn's created the impression of fake sex...giant penises...even knowing that it's a normal size, but in your mind, you feel like that you're not worthy and this is causing anxiety? The more I begin to believe that I am not good enough, the more confident I feel. Maybe it's the anxiety of performance throughout?

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It may also be that your partner is not supporting you enough, but size can be a problem. And as per my experience you consult the doctor and take whatever medicine he gives you.

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It could also be that your penile cycle is not flowing due to lack of stimulation. It may also be that you are doing it against your will.


Maybe you should’ve worded this poll question….

An nasty side effect of performance anxiety is penis size insecurities, which may lead to erectile dysfunction.

It's regrettable since these notions are promoted by our culture via porn, TV programs, and social media. It seems sense that you would absorb the idea that "all men" are hung like horses if your only exposure to other people's dicks or bodies up close has been from porn.

Porn often manipulates camera angles to make an actor look larger than he really is, even when he may be average in size or somewhat larger. Then there's the difference in the actor-to-actress proportions. For example, a man of average stature and a diminutive actress with smaller hands giving the impression that the man is hanging. In addition, these actors' modest hip to waist ratios make their dick look larger, and you seldom see them putting their hands near their penises.