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Sudden ED at 23 age


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Extremely scared that I'm permanently injured in my body, and feel responsible for my condition.

I've been taking finasteride (have for three years) and quickly concluded that it was the reason since I read about sexual side effects in the leaflet. Therefore, I stopped taking finasteride.

Morning Wood is really weak and I'm not having sexual desire.

I use SSRIs (10mg Lexapro ED).

Visited the doctor. He said it was probably psychological, but I can't think that it will affect morning wood. He also prescribed me cialis that didn't assist (could become tough enough to be able to masturbate, but not for sexual sex)

I scheduled an appointment with an Urologist and an acupuncturist to discuss the possibility of switching SSRIs. I also had my hormones checked (waiting on the results).

Any advice on how to cope mentally/ or things to ask the therapist/urologuist? I'm feeling very castrated and terrified that I've messed up my body.

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Finasteride and SSRI This is a very dangerous combination. Do you want to add a amount of Accutane to ruin your dick completely? The answer is no, it's not psychological. Take a look at the thread on this forum, the majority of people suffering from ED were taking finasteride, SSRI, etc. You might get lucky following the discontinuation of your medication but perhaps not. I wish you the best.


SSRIs with finasteride, It is a really lethal combo. Would you not want to completely ruin your dick with a little dose of accutane? No, that's not mental. Simply peruse the posts on this site; the majority of ED patients used finasteride, SSRIs, etc. After quitting, you could or might not have luck. Best wishes to you.