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My boyfriend doesn't trust me


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I am a girl (25 F). We are in relationship for last 6 months. We talk day and night. My boyfriend doesn't know what happens when we talk. When we used to talk, if he shared something, he used to tell me that you don't tell anyone. He had been saying it every day for the past month. When he wants to meet me in person, I say yes and then I don't know what happens and I don't have it in the morning. I don't like my boyfriend if I'm with my friend. He doubts me and tells me that I don't trust you. I tried to convince them in every way but they don't believe. What should I do now, how can I trust my boyfriend? And I don't want to go on with it anymore?

help mee

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If your boyfriend doesn't trust you, it's important to communicate openly and honestly about your feelings and concerns. Reassure him of your loyalty and commitment, and encourage him to express his insecurities so you can address them together with understanding and patience.


In order for you to trust your boyfriend, you need to understand your boyfriend. You shared something with your boyfriend that made him lose his trust in you. Because of that they don't trust you. So the only option for that is that both of you spend time with each other due to which they can trust each other.