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How is breast cancer treated? -Quora


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How you treat breast cancer depends on what kind and stage it is in. A lumpectomy or mastectomy is a popular type of surgery. After surgery, radiation treatment is used to kill cancer cells. Drugs are used in chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. Hormone treatment stops the chemicals that help cancer grow. Targeted treatment goes after certain proteins in cancer cells. Immunotherapy makes the immune system stronger so that it can fight cancer. Treatment plans are different, and these methods are often used together to get the best results. For tracking, it's important to do regular follow-ups.

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Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy are often used together to treat breast cancer. Surgery gets rid of the growth, and radiation kills any cancer cells that are still there. Cancer cells can be killed and kept from coming back with chemotherapy and hormone treatment. Drugs that are used in focused treatment are sometimes used to attack only cancer cells. To give patients the best chance of getting better, treatment plans are different depending on things like the stage and type of cancer.


Changes to your diet, like eating a plant-based diet full of fruits and veggies, regular exercise, and stress-relieving activities like yoga or meditation may all help with breast cancer. You should always talk to your doctor before using natural therapies along with standard ones.