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Alcohol and erections


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Most of sex I’ve had has been after going out to clubs with girls.When I think about it, I'm not sure I've experienced sex with a 100% clean sex. I've had a few issues getting it going and maintaining an the erection. What impact is drinking having on this? I'm embarrassed by it, but I'm concerned that I'm also becoming less sensitive to porn, too. Alcohol can interfere with the signals within the brain that instruct that the penis is filled with blood. This can happen due to alcohol may reduce testosterone production. Sex is very strange for me. I don't feel having a desire or a need to have it. I'm just feeling really uninterested. I'd like to try the blue chew to see if it works, but I'm also afraid to become dependent on it.

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An erection can be harmed by drinking too much. A little alcohol might not hurt you, but having a lot of it can make it hard to be sexual. Alcohol can make you less aroused, delay your orgasm, and make it hard to keep an erection. For a good mix of having fun with other people and performing sexually, moderation is key.


You may feel that you are not 100% having the best sex because you were drunk when you were at the club and drinking alcohol does not stimulate sex. That's why you can't drink alcohol and have sex.


Did you have sex with someone who gave you a response?


Even years before I had any ED otherwise, a few drinks would make my dick stop working.


Alcohol can affect erections by decreasing blood flow to the penis, making it harder to achieve or maintain an erection. Drinking in moderation may not cause issues, but excessive alcohol consumption can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) or difficulty with sexual performance. It's essential to be mindful of alcohol intake and its potential impact on sexual health.