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Is IUI a waste of time if your partner has erectile dysfunction?


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My fallopian tubes are clear after being checked. I am taking medicine for my thyroid and getting a small tumor removed. The only other thing is that I ovulate every month, and my fertility doctor told me that he could get me pregnant in 6 months. I was thrilled about that, but I'm worried about therapy. Before he could tell us what to do, he needs to test my husband first. I asked to try IUI first. I don't want to go through IVF because I've heard that it can be hard on some people's bodies and minds. My husband has trouble with ED, but he told me he could give me a taste. There is a long history behind this; we were naturally pregnant before and lost the baby. He wasn't always unable to have children. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else who has been through the same thing with a partner has had luck with IUI or if IVF would have been a better option for you. If I'm fertile, all I need is his sperm inside me. But I guess there are other things that play a role, like a low sperm count. I almost bought one of those liquid tubes to try it at home, but I'm glad I went to a doctor instead. He treated those problems I told him about that could affect my fertility.