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Can a man who can't get an erection make a woman happy?


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Yes, a man with erectile dysfunction can still potentially satisfy a woman sexually in several ways:

  1. Oral sex - He can use his mouth and tongue to provide pleasurable stimulation.
  2. Sex toys/vibrators - Introducing sex toys can enhance stimulation and pleasure for both partners.
  3. Manual stimulation - Using his hands and fingers for clitoral stimulation and massage.
  4. Outercourse - Exploring intimacy through sensual touching, grinding, and stimulation of the external genital areas.
  5. Open communication - Discussing desires, trying new positions, and focusing on whole-body massage and sensuality beyond just penetration.
  6. Medication/Treatments - There are medications like Viagra as well as other treatments that may help manage erectile dysfunction in some cases.

The most important things are to have an open mind, communicate openly with your partner about wants and needs, and remember that sexual satisfaction comes from the entire experience of intimacy - not just penetration. With creativity, patience and a caring partner, many couples are able to have a satisfying sex life despite erectile issues.