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What can i drink to stay hard longer?


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Is there a drink that might help a man stay in bed longer? There isn't, though. I'm sure a lot of them say they are. Just remember that those bottles aren't worth the money because they only work as a fake.

Most of the time, guys want to stay in bed longer because they think it makes it more likely that a woman will finish. Don't forget that most women don't come when they only touch their penis in their vagina; if they don't, then more IS NOT better. You want to know how she orgasms, so do it while she watches. There's a good chance it has something to do with her clitoris, which is as sensitive and full of nerves as the top of your penis.

It can be a lot of fun to stimulate a woman's clitoris with your tongue and greased fingers. If she likes it, you can do it with all four sets of fingers. If she likes it, you could even do that while you're making love.

If you're making love and feel like you're running out of energy, you might be

Her enjoyment of "Jack hammer" may be short-lived; she may enjoy it for a while. Try soft and slow; try different things.

If you're not working too hard, you might want to think about your cardiovascular health. Instead of taking the lift, go up the stairs and park farther away from the front door.

If you're having sex and are so eager or excited that you can't go on any longer, you might want to slow down, pause, or even take a break. Taking a break, either partially or fully, to let your energy level drop before starting up again.

You might find that you don't eat as quickly when you have a good meal. You take a bite, talk about how good it looks and tastes, and then you ask your date what they are eating. This works great and you can do it in bed. Very well.

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Drinking plenty of water in the daily life will helps to improving the blood circulation very well and increasing the men erection strong. So, don't forget to drink 3 to 3.5 liters of water in the daily life.