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How Quick is premature ejaculation?


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Sex that lasts for a different stretch of time is enjoyed by different people.

There are people who like to go quickly and people who like to slowly. When you're with someone, the type of sex you're having, or how long it's been since your last came, the amount of time it takes to cum can change. Should you be concerned about Premature ejaculation  too soon,

Distressing things can happen. This problem can be fixed with some time, work, and knowledge if you think you know it too fast. Some ideas that could help are shown below. Even if these don't help, you might want to look into some medical treatments.

The body you have

An important first step is to learn about your body. You can learn to tell when you are about to cum if you know the feelings and sensations that happen right before you ambush.

It won't catch you off preserve this way. When you're ready, you can either slow down or do something different, like kissing for a while instead of fucking. You might also cum fast or not depending on where you are making love. It's not easy for all guys to hold back when their partner is in charge. Trying out different positions to see which one helps you control yourself better is the best thing to do.

If you want to control when you cum, you can also learn to breathe right. You can relax and cool down before you cum by taking a few deep breaths. Relax your whole body and take deep, slow breaths.

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Men come too soon when they are having sex, which can be uncomfortable for both of them. It can happen minutes or even seconds after entry, which is upsetting. This problem can be fixed by talking to someone and getting help from a healthcare provider.


Most of the time, premature ejaculation means ejaculating before about one minute of entry while sexually active. The exact time range can change, though, depending on the person and the situation. It's considered immature when it always happens earlier than planned and makes one or both partners unhappy or distressed.