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Can eating jaggery increase diabetes?


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I love sweet food but I have diabetes so I can't eat high sugar food but I have found that eating jaggery doesn't change diabetes level so can I eat jaggery? Will eating jaggery food keep diabetes under control or increase pls tell me?

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Yes, you can eat jaggery but eating too much jaggery can affect diabetes if you are eating jaggery then you should consult your doctor before consuming jaggery.


Yes, eating jaggery will keep diabetes under control. But you should visit the doctor once. If he tells you, you can eat jaggery. But eating jaggery can have other benefits?


Due to its high sugar content, jaggery can raise blood sugar levels, which could make you more likely to get diabetes if you eat too much of it. People who already have diabetes or are at risk of getting it should limit how much sugar they eat.