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What's the different between Modalert and Modafresh?


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Modalert and Modafresh are both brand names for the generic drug modafinil. The main differences between the two lie in their potency, duration of effect, and price. Modalert is considered to be stronger and longer-lasting, with a single 200 mg tablet producing 12-14 hours of extreme focus and concentration. On the other hand, Modafresh is a generic brand of modafinil that is relatively new to the market and may have varying levels of potency and duration of effect. Additionally, Modafresh is reported to be less expensive than Modalert. 

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To enhance alertness and concentration, doctors prescribe drugs like Modalert and Modafresh, which contain the active component modafinil. Their makers are the key differentiator. Sun Pharmaceuticals makes Modalert and Sunrise Pharmaceuticals makes Modafresh. Although the active component remains the same, modifications in formulation or manufacturing procedures may cause some individuals to have somewhat different effects or different levels of efficacy. To find out which one would work better for you, it's recommended that you talk to your doctor.


Modafinil is a drug used to wake people up. Modalert and Modafresh are both generic versions of Modafinil. The main change is the company that made it, and there may be small differences in the inactive ingredients as well. Even though both types have the same active ingredient, how people react to and tolerate them may be different.