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What kinds of tests do I need? If i have Erectile Dysfunction


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Multiple tests can help find the root reason of erectile dysfunction (ED) and decide the best way to treat it. These are some of the most popular tests your doctor may suggest:

Examining the body:

A physical test can tell you a lot about your general health and the actual reasons of your ED. Some of the things that might be done are looking at your penis and testicles and feeling your nerves.
Tests of the blood:

With blood tests, you can find out if you have diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone levels, or any other health problems that could be making your ED worse.
Tests of the urine:

Urinalysis can help find signs of diabetes and other health problems that are going on beneath the surface.
Check your blood pressure:

Your blood pressure will be checked because high blood pressure can slow down blood flow and make ED worse.
Profile of Lipids:

This test checks how much cholesterol and triglycerides are in your blood. High amounts can mean you have heart problems that could be making your ED worse.
Tests of Hormones:

You can check your hormone levels, including testosterone levels, to see if chemical changes are making your ED worse.
Test for Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT):

This test checks for erections that happen while you sleep. During REM sleep, most healthy men have erections. Not having erections at night could mean that ED is caused by a physical problem.
Full-Scan Ultrasound:

Sound waves are used in this test to see how blood flows, how blood vessels are structured, and if there are any possible leaks in the penile tissues. It's usually done after introducing a drug that makes an erection stronger.
Examination of the mind:

Because worry, anxiety, or sadness can be psychological and lead to or make ED worse, your doctor may suggest that you get a psychological exam.
Test for Intracavernosal Injection:

To get an erection, a drug is injected into the base of the penis. The answer can help find out if ED is caused by a physical problem.
These tests will help your doctor figure out what's causing your ED and suggest the best way to treat it. It's important to be able to talk to your provider about all the things that might be causing your ED.