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How hard should your morning wood be?


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I've (27M) been having issues with some issues related to my psychological health according my therapist and doctor. However, there are other issues like low sexual desire. They suggest it's likely because of my break-up. and I'm trying to determine the cause.

I had a fantastic night of sex with a lady after trying five mg of the cialis that my doctor prescribed. It was a blast. However, the next day I woke early and hardly had any morning wood. In the week, I do get early with wood in the morning on most days. (If I get up an hour or two too early, I don't do it, but if I go to bed and awake within an hour or so I do)

However, my morning woods used be so hard that I would have to lie down to go to the bathroom. These days they're a bit difficult, however, once I go to pee, they're pretty easy to reduce to an almost.

Does this sound normal?

I took a standard blood test and it came back normal. We did not test for testosterone, however we checked urine and found there was no sti.

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Nocturnal penile tumescence, the medical name for "morning wood," is a strong indicator that blood flow is normal and that there are probably no underlying medical conditions causing erectile dysfunction. Even before puberty, 3-5 times a night is typical for healthy males to experience nocturnal penile tumescence. But they don't always happen when you first wake up, and as you get older, they don't happen as often in the morning.

It is believed that the body maintains the corpora cavernosa, or the penis' erectile tissues, in excellent tone via nocturnal penile tumescence. Men who have long-term erection-inducing injuries or other conditions that result in a loss of smooth muscle cells and an increase in collagen in the corpora cavernosa may develop penile corporal fibrosis. An irreversible loss of erectile function might arise from this.

A partial erection is a common occurrence for men when they urinate; this is natural. It is the body's response to facilitate easier urination. In addition, they may happen when the bladder is full, which may place strain on the sacral nerve, which is in charge of erections among other things. This may coincide with the last nocturnal penile tumescence of the sleep cycle, because most individuals have to pee as soon as they wake up.

Your erections should get easier while you're awake, and potentially even in the mornings, as your psychological ED lessens. Your'morning wood' has done its job of maintaining the erectile tissues well-oxygenated and in excellent tone, so don't worry too much about how hard it could be when you wake.

@lopezdavis455 I value your thoughtful comment very much.

Since you appear to know a lot about this and I tend to overthink things, are there any other indicators that my ED is more than simply psychological that I should be aware of?